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Corporate Profile
Diversified Optronix Corp. is a technology-driven company that sells non-contact measurement and analysis products. Used for a wide variety of functions, including manufacturing, R&D and quality assurance, these products are based on unique camera systems that measure and observe targets in motion.
Common applications include:
  • Width, length, and feature measurement in web-based production processes
  • Flaw and hole detection in web-based production processes
  • Observation and documentation of periodic motion
  • Laboratory and field measurement of displacement
We also provide custom-engineered solutions based on this technology.
Diversified Optronix Corp (DivOp) was formed in 2003 to focus on the sales, support, and continued evolution of the Vision Product Family formerly sold by Diversified Engineering. These unique state-of-the-art products have evolved from designs initially developed and sold by OPTRON Corp. In fact, we continue to support many of the OPTRON products that are still in use today.

Divopís background encompasses over three decades in non-contact (optically based) measurement and observation. Our products have been successful in solving some of the toughest measurement problems in industry. We constantly work with our customers to find cost effective and reliable solutions to their unique problems. In many cases, our specialized technology provides measurement solutions that could not otherwise be obtained. We take a great deal of pride in our ability to develop these solutions for our customers and to deliver the support and service they need to keep those solutions going for the long term.
Corporate Timeline
2003Diversified Optronix Corporation formed
1998Diversified Engineering acquires product rights from Optometrix Corp.
1992Optometrix Corp. acquires OPTRON product line
1960 circaOPTRON founded
Corporate Vision and Mission
Our vision is to be a leading provider of optically based Non-Contact Measurement and Analysis Equipment for manufacturing and R&D applications.

Our values include achieving the highest ethical standards, maintaining strong customer focus, and providing exciting opportunities for our employees.

We are driven by these strategies:
  • To leverage our capabilities in the application of electronics, automation, and optics.
  • To be a competitive producer of sophisticated, moderately priced, measurement and inspection equipment.
  • To enhance our customer focus and relationships by constantly improving performance, quality, delivery and service.

Diversified Optronix Corp. 116 Quirk Road Milford, CT 06460 203.878.9540